Creating Opportunities

For a young person to be successful we believe that effective planning is essential. This is done in conjunction with the young person, the placing authority, parent/guardian and any other significant individuals identified by the young person.

When preparing a young person’s plan we pay particular attention to the following areas:

  • Education/employment/training
  • Accommodation
  • Health
  • Financial issues
  • Social relationships
  • Identity
  • Citizenship
  • Legal issues
  • Independent living skills.
  • Staying close


We work creatively to provide the necessary opportunities for young people and therefore we create an environment which allows young people to make informed choices and decisions.

Whilst with us, young people are actively encouraged to utilise Acorn’s excellent links with local businesses, education and training providers.

If required, once the young person moves on to independent accommodation, we will continue to have contact with them in the form of ‘floating support’, which will ensure for a period that they have continuity of support whilst they adjust and settle into their new surrounding.