Healthy Living

Good health and wellbeing of all young people in our accommodation is of paramount importance to us. We actively encourage and promote healthy living. Prior to placement, the health and medical history of the young people will be obtained from the referring agency. Young people are then registered with a local GP surgery (if it’s not practical for them to remain with their existing GP), Dentist & Optician.

Young people are supported to have routine dental and optical check-ups on a six monthly basis.  We support young people to attend their health appointments.

The young person’s file contains a section relating to their health needs which are kept securely to maintain confidentiality. Any issues regarding the young person’s health which may affect their wellbeing is reported to the relevant individuals and professionals.

Staff in key working sessions assist and support young people with healthy living issues such as; diet, nutrition, exercise, sexual health and hygiene. Transition Key Workers provide information, help and advice on HIV and AIDS awareness in partnership with health professionals.

Young people are encouraged to join a local gym/leisure centre. We also organise group exercise in local area which includes speed walking, jogging and playing football.