Our primary focus is to help young people prepare for adulthood

Our services promote the best interests of young people in care so that what we provide is responsive to their wishes and feelings

We support young people to make the best use of mainstream and specialist services.

We work to promote high aspirations for young people and the best possible outcomes for them.  Our bespoke services are designed to provide young people in care with stability and support them with their transition to adulthood.

We have an excellent understanding of adolescence issues and so are best placed to address the challenges young people face when entering adulthood.

We feel that many of these young people require appropriate guidance and support to navigate through the complexities of day-to-day life. We support young people in addressing their issues, so that they grow and develop to their fullest potential.

We directly work with young people to promote their identity, religious and cultural values, that they can respect and take pride in.

Whilst we accept that young people will have varying abilities, upon entry to the accommodation all young people would be supported to build and develop on their basic life skills such as: self-care skills, budgeting, organisation skills, negotiation, decision making, communication and interpersonal skills (to name a few).

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