Building On Aspirations


We work with young people who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET), by introducing them to various educational and training opportunities. We support our young people to be involved in our in-house social/educational workshops, which we view as an important aspect of the engagement process.

We are aware that not all young people will achieve via academic routes, where numeric and literacy skills are a challenge. This might have arisen through lack of educational opportunities or encouragement in the past, or having very little expectations placed upon them. With this in mind we actively promote young peoples development through training or direct employment, and we would always seek to work to their strengths.

We have strong links with:

  • Educational establishments
  • Career Services
  • Literacy and numeracy support groups
  • Local businesses
  • Training providers
  • Individual tutors

Acorn is committed to engaging young people in education, training and employment. We actively seek their full participation in our in house programmes, which are tailor-made to ensure that they are relevant to the young people’s particular needs, wishes and feelings.

Our staff members liaise effectively with relevant educational authorities and service providers to ensure that young people have the best opportunities to enhance their career prospects.

Staff members closely work with career services to ensure that young people have up to date information about courses provided by various establishments.

At Acorn we constantly seek to find ways to reinforce young people’s self-worth, through encouraging the use of stimulating external learning resources and environments that will help young people to enjoy learning. We are committed to engaging all young people in education and training where appropriate and applicable.